If you are refurbishing your home one of the decisions you’ll have to make is picking quality kitchen cabinets that are affordable at the same time.

Here are practical ideas on how to spot inexpensive cabinetry without sacrificing quality.

Choose ready to assemble types
Off the shelf, cabinets are good buys because you know exactly what you are getting.  However, if you don’t have the skill to install cabinets, you will have to find an expert who can do it for you.  The problem with installers is that you’ll have to pay them for labor which may not come cheap.

A smarter yet inexpensive alternative is to purchase a ready-to-assemble type of cabinets.  They will cost less because they are mass produced.  Every RTA cabinet model is produced on a large scale following a set of specifications and standards.  Each should meet a quality standard, otherwise, that particular batch won’t make it to the market.  Aside from having a reasonable price, they can be set up easily.

Select wood and plywood materials
A lot of cabinet types are available for sale.  The most common ones are either made of plywood, wood, or fiberboard.  Of these, wood is obviously the best choice.  Sometimes, makers combine all three to produce a model.  Sides are made of plywood, back portions are built using plywood, and cabinet doors and the base are mostly made of solid wood.

Combining these three make for a very durable yet affordable solution.

Buy old display cabinets
Some stores sell their cabinet displays at marked-down prices. They do this when trends have changed and thus, they have to replace old inventory with newer ones.  If you are after quality and not so much on what’s trending, then go for it.

While they are categorized as second hand, they aren’t damaged by natural wear and tear as it is for kitchen cabinets owned by homemakers. Moreover, they are more preserved because store owners would naturally maintain their displays so as not to ward off potential customers.